AED Lifeline Defibtech Standard Package (RRP $2850)


  • Lifeline AED
  • 7 year Battery with lithium 9v
  • Adult Pads
  • User’s Manual
  • Quick Use Card
  • Bonus Preparation Kit
  • Soft Carry Case

Quantity discounts are available – please enquire for a quotation


  • Product peace of mind as Defibtech offers “Indemnification” – Indemnification details available upon request
  • Standard 7 year, 300 shock, 8 hour operating time battery
  • 19 volt status indicator battery to preserve main battery for a rescue and reduce long term cost of ownership
  • Allows for self-testing and status indication without needless battery drain
  • The Lifeline AED is simple, durable, low maintenance, compact and cost effective
  • The waveform has the most clinical data on pre-hospital resuscitation of sudden cardiac arrest
  • It will work when you need it!

With the Lifeline AED, YOU can save lives!

Click link to see video demonstration