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This Outdoor Recreation  course is designed to enable students to develop a range of technical, vocational and interpersonal competencies valued both within and beyond the workplace. They will also acquire underpinning knowledge and skills related to work and further education within the outdoor recreation industry

Length of Course

Example: Overview of Program – First  8 days block format

Day 1 Introduction, Base Camp Set up and Surf Rescue Theory
Day 2 Surf Rescue & Surfing
Day 3 Canoeing & Deep water rescues
Day 4 Surfing & Canoeing
Day 5 Planning & Preparation
Day 6 Bushwalking and Navigation Camp
Day 7 Bushwalking and Navigation Camp
Day 8 Debrief pack up and travel

Example: Overview of Program – Second 8 day block

Day 1 Introduction, Travel and Base Camp Set
Day 2 First Aid
Day 3 Minimal Impact
Day 4 Abseil 1
Day 5 Climbing 1
Day 6 Abseil 2
Day 7 Canyon 1
Day 8 Debrief pack up and travel


On successful completion of the first program students will receive the units of competency from the SIS10 Training Package

SISOODR201A Assist in conducting outdoor recreation sessions
SISXOHS101A Follow occupational health and safety policies
SISOBWG201A Demonstrate bushwalking skills in a controlled environment
SISONAV201A Demonstrate navigation skills in a controlled environment
SISOCNE201A Demonstrate simple canoeing skills
SISOCNE202A Perform deep water rescues
SISOSRF201A Demonstrate surf survival and self rescue skills
SISOSRF202A Demonstrate basic surfing manoeuvres in controlled conditions

On successful completion of the 2nd  program students will receive the units of competency from the SIS10 Training Package

HLTAID003 Provide First Aid
SISOPS201A Minimise Environmental Impact
SISXIND101A Work Effectively in sport and recreation environments
SISOOPS202A Use and maintain a temporary or overnight site
SISOABN201A Demonstrate abseiling on natural surfaces
SISOABN202A Safeguard an abseiler using a single rope technique
SISOCLN201A Demonstrate top rope climbing skills
SISOCAY201A Demonstrate horizontal canyoning skills

*If students have successfully achieved all units from both years they will receive the  Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation

Support Services

We can provide assistance for Language, Literacy and Numeracy.  If you have a Disability please contact administration on 02 47222471 or info@5startraining prior to starting the course.

How will you learn?

The specific topics covered by the course include:

–  Navigation
–  Camp craft
–  Bushwalking
–  Surf Rescue Skills
–  Paddling techniques
–  Team work
–  Self Reliance
–  Planning
–  Cooking skills
–  First Aid
–  Communication
–  Minimal Impact


Participants will be assessed through the demonstration of

–  practical skills,
–  participation in role plays,
–  analysis of case studies
–  workbooks
–  written assessments.

Previous Studies Recognition

 Students can be granted credit (RPL or credit transfer) for:

–  units of competency within AQF VET qualifications

Any requests for recognition of prior learning will be considered by 5 Star Training & Consulting.  Please contact the office on 02 47222471 or email info@5startraining.com.au or speak with your teacher for more information

Exit Points

There are no early exit points for this course of study.


Students are issued with learning materials and handouts relevant to each unit.

Career Pathways

Possible occupational titles relevant to this qualification include:

Outdoor Recreation Guide Assistant

How to apply

Applications can be download here but must be submitted and approved through your school

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Please refer to the Pre enrolment information for new students for detailed information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can be found here

For more information contact:

Phone:. 02 47222471  Email.  info@5startraining.com.au